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Discounted prices on a massive range of bathroom products including Showers, Taps, Toilet seats, Shower Curtains, Heated Towel Rails, bathroom cabinets and Accessories.
Manufactures supplied include Aqualisa, Bristan, Marflow, Grohe, Pegler, Roper Rhodes, Euroshowers, Trevi, JIS, Miller from Sweden and Sagittarius

Aqualisa Showers

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Complete range of Aqualisa showers availabe including Aqualisa Quartz Digital and Aqualisa Aquarian, Aqualisa Aquavalve, Aqualisa Axis Thermo, Aqualisa Quartz Thermo, Aqualisa Aquastream, Aqualisa Aquatique, Mach Pumps and Axis Taps.
Click here for Aqualisa Spare parts.

Grohe Showers

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Grohe Wireless, Grohe Avensys and Grohetherm 1000, 2000 and 3000. shower sets available to buy online or order by phone all with free delivery. For competitive prices on any other Grohe products give us a call on 01372 811266 or send email

Bathroom Taps

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Avaliable to buy online all at trade prices we have bathroom taps from Bristan, Grohe, Marflow, Roper Rhodes, Pegler, Sagittarius and Tre Mercati

Bathroom Accessories

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Massive range of bathroom accessories supplied including wall mounted accessories (toilet roll holders, tumbler holders, towel rails, mirrors etc.) from Bristan, Miller and Roper Rhodes. Heated Towel Rails, electric and central heated available in white, chrome and stainless steel. Free Standing Mirrors, Shower Curtains, Salter Bathroom Scales and Bathroom Cabinets.

Toilet Seats

Large range of toilet seats supplied including, Bemis coloured seats, Bemis Seats, Novelty Toilet Seats Wooden toilet seats from Roper Rhodes. and Soft Close Seats.
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